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Lonesome Blackjack

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

A Poem

Poetry Limerick by Dillon Hamilton

Carry on under lonesome blackjack,

Searching your empty haversack,

Carry burdens in empty cloth,

Empty bowels do covet broth,

Carry on where you have strode,

Carry on the uncharitable road,

Self-displaced and full of pride,

Wicked thorn embed your side,

Full reproofed you carry on,

Be the faithful orphan fawn,

That strives and struggles on,

Three months now its mother gone,

By open hands that give full blessing,

To a soul of sin repressing,

Truth that his foot rise and fall,

By open hands that give him all,

A clear night carry on again,

Clarity of sight and repent of sin,

Haversack empty no more,

Life to fill and cloth to store,

Carry on like lonesome blackjack,

Full in spring and winter lack,

Enjoy all seasons of rebirth,

Carry on with all your mirth.

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