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A Day Among the Ruins

A day among the ruins,

That former life accursed,

Old comforts are the tombs,

Dead rituals rehearsed,

That morning starts despair,

No light reveals the places,

All vision to impair,

Dark hands over faces,

Around pillars and rubble,

Once leaned on for rest,

Now lay down to stumble,

The strongest flesh to test,

Strongholds of fair idols,

Entreat the passerby,

Encourage you to sidle,

Into their arms to die,

Erected for worship,

Of the builder’s glory,

Appearing as a blip,

In his Builder’s story,

Gloom begets afternoon,

Ruins left in the distance,

Leaving, a welcome boon,

To stay give not a pittance,

A day among the ruins,

Of a life found reversed,

Death to life heart hewn,

In words of life immersed.

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