Galveston, TX



Do you have a recent survey?

Yes! We have a survey done in 2017 available to interested buyers.

How did you determine the asking price?

We started with the survey valuation of $49,500 and deducted $4,500 to cover a topside paint job.

Does the boat have blisters?

The boat went through a major refit in 2015. As part of that refit the hull was sanded to the gelcoat and only about six blisters were found. All were ground out and properly glassed in. The hull was then coated with four coats of Interlux epoxy and three coats of Pettit Trinidad paint and an additional coat at the waterline. The boat was hauled again in 2017 for some minor impact repairs at the bow which were properly ground and glassed. At that time no blisters were visible, the existing bottom paint was scuff sanded and another coat of Trinidad SR was applied with two at the waterline.

What material are the New Found Metals port lights?

The port lights are stainless steel with stainless screens.

Does the boat have a water maker?

Yes, well maybe. It has a 12VDC water maker but we have never used it. We know the membrane is bad and aren’t sure about the condition of the high pressure pump or control unit so we didn’t list it in the features. It is very possible the unit could be made to work, but we can’t guarantee it.

Are there any other features not mentioned in the write up?

There is a propane fired instantaneous water heater. This makes hot water away from the dock and without running the engine a beautiful reality. It has a dedicated propane hose routed to the port side deck box so the stove and water heater both have dedicated hoses. The manifold is located in the propane box rather than inside the cabin according to ABYC standards.

Does the wood stove actually work?

Yes, it does. It is really nice to have a little dry heat on a nippy night. We burn wood chunks in it as long as they are not too big and care is taken to keep the flames low. Otherwise, charcoal can be used as well.